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About Me

I photograph weddings for one reason: I’m in love with love stories.  When it comes to your wedding, above all else, I approach it as a storyteller: documenting moments, capturing the emotions of one of the most important days in your lifetime. I emphasize the authentic. Timeless, classic, true; I aim far more towards showing your connection and love than any current trend in wedding photography. In 30 years, I want you to look at your photographs and feel the same way you did at the wedding. I think you deserve photos of your love story that are as timeless as your love.

About You

You’re more excited about your marriage than you are for your wedding.  You’re in love. You’re fun and creative. You’re easy going. You love that the Cluney Photo style is classic without being traditional. You still value the beauty of the tangible (prints, albums, etc.). You want your photos to be timeless, capturing your connection and love for each other above all else. You love that we tell your story through moments and personal interactions, not by looking at the camera and smiling.

The Process

I want to connect with you beyond “style”…photography or otherwise. I want to meet you. I want to know you! I want to know what your lives look like outside of the wedding planning process. And, really, I need that to get the kinds of images I want to give you. The best photographs come when you’re willing to let me into your story. I won’t pose you to get the perfect photo…the perfect photo is going to come from your connection with each other. Letting me in on that connection is what creates a meaningful, timeless image.

So let’s meet. In person, over Skype…whatever works. I can’t wait.

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